Ahsan's Lab is a noble creation from Mr. Shahnauze Ahsan's mind which is a common platform to share and explore his research topics, technical works, prototypes, publications, blogs, achievements, and some of his professional works. Ahsan and his fellows are working from Chittagong to innovate sustainable technologies and popularize technical education for his country and people.

Our work has a positive impact on these six Sustainable Development Goals:

:News :

10/2022 : Our paper titled "Telekit: An IoT Based Wearable Health Assistant with Machine Learning Approach" has been added to the Springer Link.

09/2022 : Ahsan started his Master's in Embedded System Security at Grenoble INP, Esisar.

07/2022 : Congratulations to our lab member MD. Imran Uddin, who has been awarded Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship-2022 for his Master's studies in Electrical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology & Economics.

06/2022 : Bonne nouvelle! Our Founder Mr. Ahsan achieved Grenoble INP Foundation Scholarship for his Masters program MISTRE at Grenoble INP, Esisar, Valence, France.

05/2022 : Our paper titled "IoT based Automated Examination Management System with Biometric Portal" has been added to the IEEE Xplore.

02/2022 : Our paper titled "IoT based Automated Examination Management System with Biometric Portal" was presented successfully by Uzzal Basu at ICISET 2022.

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Featured Works :

QuadControl: Experimental validation of a nonlinear controller for a quadcopter

The main goal of this project is to test and validate a nonlinear controller for the motion planning of multiple drones. Since the quadcopter drone is a differentially flat system it is possible to control the nonlinear system with linear control theory. For that, it’s necessary to first design a mathematical model for the linearization law. Feedback linearization is a common strategy employed in nonlinear control to control nonlinear systems. The design must be tested using simulation, in this project we use MATLAB and Simulink. The second step is to validate the controller with Qualisys Track Manager (QTM). Qualisys is a company that provides motion capture and 3D positioning tracking systems. The objective is to use all 8 cameras of the system to capture the position of a drone or of several drones and with that coordinate multiple drones so they can move together without colliding. The final step is to compare the simulation and experimental results to make an analysis regarding the advantages and drawbacks of the controller.

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is quite implausible for the mass people of developing countries like Bangladesh. Instead of regular health checkups, here folks only seek the treatment at the stage of enervate. To ameliorate this situation, in this study, we have proposed a low-cost wearable fitness device named “TeleKit”. We envisioned targeting middle-aged people who are most of the time reluctant to take health precautions. Our developed system is capable of detecting Oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and temperature of the human body. To monitor these physical parameters we have also developed an Android app with a pop-up notification feature. We also classified and aggregated the collected data through an IoT network. Applying a machine learning algorithm we demonstrate the correlation between the health parameters that will help us to predict and take necessary steps before any serious disease. This device will play a crucial role as an emergency, app notification will help the end-users to take necessary precautions. The outcome of this research would help the health service provider and the decision-makers to provide low-cost health kit facilities especially in rural areas.

Vegetable Washing Machine

This mini vegetable washing plant was designed for 'Ctgshop' an online shop's grocery store. During the COVID pandemic, it was mandatory to maintain the hygiene of our daily goods. We got an order from that grocery shop to design a low-cost vegetable washing plant. Here we used a 1.5Kw Single Phase Air Pump to produce bubbles emitting air under the water chamber. As a result of air circulation from under water, our goods washed immediately. We used push-button, timer, relay, and indicator in our control box section.

This chamber was designed for disinfecting household goods during the COVID pandemic. A chamber was created in this machine and it was fitted with pneumatic pipes and spray nozzles. When we put our household goods and press the start button, spray nozzles start sanitizing the goods. There is a 10L gallon beside to store the sanitizer liquid. A 12V-45w micro diaphragm pump motor was used to compress the liquid into moist.

This is an IoT smart touch switchboard where there are some special features including load management, the energy consumption of outlet, touch switch, etc. This 4 gang switchboard circuit and 3D prototype are designed and manufactured in-house lab. TTP223 touch sensor was used to sense the touch and switch the loads through the relay. ACS712 current sensor measures the current of total load and Rea-time monitoring of energy consumption through ESP8266 connecting with internet apps and web.

Our research work has three distinct parts. Those are listed below.

  • RF Touch Switchboard

  • IoT Touch Switchboard

  • IoT Touch Switchboard with Energy Monitoring

CAD design

RF Switchboard

Touch Switch PCB

3D Printed Encloser

This work is the study and design of Automatic Cloth folding with a result being a cost effective automated system that will fold the clothes likes shirt, pant, towel etc without any human intervention. The design of folding mechanism will be sub-divided in to main sections namely the Folding Mechanism.Many problems are generally faced by the working women’s who have to manage the household chores. This idea will definitely be a helpful hand to the working women’s. This energy and time can be saved by this automatic t-shirt folding machine and can be used in some other work. Washing machine and clothes dryer is a common concept so people do not pay attention on this things. Generally people get bored for folding the clothes after washing so they dump them as it is in the cupboard. This leads to mess in cupboard and makes difficult in finding clothes in emergency case. To overcome above stated issue we have prepared a cost effective machine that will detect the t-shirt and fold. This machine will require less human involvement. The purpose of this project is to fold shirt, pant and towel by just commanding from an android application.

This work proposed to Design and Implementation of a Quadrupedal Insect Robot to study quadrupedal locomotion and surveillance of the unreachable surface terrain. This four-legged mobile robot has intelligent sensing and decision-making capabilities. Multiple sensors with embedded knowledge bases and learning capabilities are used in a novel approach towards environmental perception and reaction. These sensors continuously monitor the environment as well as their own operating parameters. This robot has the ability to function at varying degrees of intelligence made possible by an object-oriented architecture with embedded intelligence at various levels. Each of the four legs has three degrees of freedom, i.e. Our insect robot has a total of 5 servo motors on its four legs. It can walk and turn, and also can sense the obstacle distance around it. It responds to light, based on prevailing environmental conditions.

This work proposed to construct a mobile device that would remove waste materials such as leaves, bottles, polyethylene, etc. which we usually see disrupting the water flow in roadside drains. This causes huge problems in our society when the drain overflows, acts as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, produces an undesirable smell, and it becomes a reason for health risk in the community. Drain clogging is also one of the major issues for waterlogging in Chittagong. Thus, our aim is to construct a robot that will help to overcome this problematic situation. The device consists of a conveyer belt fitted with a fixed number of claws to pick up the waste material and it is driven by a chain bound to a DC gear motor. The claws will transfer the collected waste into a deposit box and from there it will be displayed in the desired location by means of a conveyor system.

Nowadays space has become a very big problem in big towns and cities. In the era of miniaturization, it's become a very crucial necessity to avoid the wastage of space in big companies, markets, apartments, etc. Here we proposed a solution named automated lead screw based multilevel parking to solve this problem. This motorized car parking system can minimize the area for parking cars. We designed and simulated on the concept of lead screw lifting method and both sides cell after cell parking which is modernized, more efficient and even a space saving one. This paper gives the information to develop a reduced working model of a car parking system for parking 16 cars within a parking area of 0.542 m². This also aims to develop an automated parking system prototype which will be efficient with minimum cost for densely populated cities in Bangladesh.

“Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.”

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